Making America Better For All Americans!Citizen write-in for PresidentPass the word! I am running as an independent candidate in 2016 for President on a 100 percent social networking write-in campaign in hopes of proving wrong the long held mandate that only candidates with millions of dollars and strong mainstream political ties can attract votes. The occupy movement has some great ideas, but no solid platform and no leadership. We as citizens need to occupy the Whitehouse, not wall street or individual companies. We need to control ALL the corporations and banks that are in control of our government and let them know that WE are in control of our country and they need to comply with OUR demands. We need to occupy DC and quickly to stop the takeover of our great nation by greedy corporations and special interests! My platform is that as an average American citizen, with a strong history in business, community and volunteer services, I can better represent the people of this country by being able to understand and relate to the average person. Now is the time for us to regain control of our country and get a handle on the national budget. Now is the time to reign in the reckless spending and balance the national budget. We cannot continue supporting the world, while our own finances dwindle and bring us to ruin. I am looking for your support, and will be providing full information as well as my credentials that support my ability to serve in this capacity later this year when I announce my formal candidacy. If you have questions in the interim, feel free to contact me at

Note: If you have had trouble locating any of my websites, it may be that my name is Shecktor, and Google seems to think I don't exist! A search for "Shecktor" results in "Showing results for schecter. Search instead for shecktor." Somehow Google thinks that Shecktor is a name or term that doesn't exist or is not desirable. Please search as often as possible for "Shecktor" and be sure to press the button to show the correct results! Maybe Google will eventually get the hint!


I believe that the voice of the citizen should be heard and acted on.  All Americans should be made aware of all decisions being made, and all legislation being voted on and should have an opportunity to voice their opinion on any and all pending legislation.  In addition a citizen action panel (think tank) should be created to make recommendations for resolving national and international issues. This panel should include representatives from business and industry as well as community leaders.  

My personal beliefs take a back seat to the needs of the American citizen.  It should be recognized that it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but everyone should be able to have their voice heard and decisions should be made that reflect the general desires and needs of the average citizen.



January24, 2013 updated April 4, 2017

I pulled about 50,000 write-in votes in the 2012 election - not bad considering I pulled out towards the end due to the close race. This was a great exercise in testing social media as a campaign platform, used quite successfully in the 2016 presidential campaign. I went on to run for Mayor of Berwick, PA (lost) and then Berwick Council (won in 2015.) Feel free to visit my site at Andrew Shecktor for Berwick PA , Mayor 2017. Currently I am running for U.S. Senate in the 2018 Pennsylvania elections (incumbent Bob Casey, Jr. (D).) I have a great following, particularly after having won the election in 2016 for delegate to the Republican National Convention (Cleveland, OH.) For more information visit my website Andrew Shecktor for U.S. Senate 2018.

I am leaving this site online for reference pursposes only. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

June 1, 2011

I am planning to formally launch my campaign in mid to late August.  Please continue to stop by for updates.

Please. pass along this website to all your friends and colleagues!

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